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Goal Setting Coach

Here’s a little about me

I am a 2017 college graduate as well as the Co-Founder of ADventure Marketing, which I started and went full time with when I was 21! Currently, I am focused on building my company as well as helping others find their way. I am constantly writing inspirational content as well as working with people one-on-one to create their path to success! I am a Goal Setting Coach that works with many people like yourself, become confident and organized as well as develop a long-term strategy to hit your goals.

Alicia motivates me to continue forward and to not allow any obstacles or challenges to get in my way of succeeding.

Francisco Oller
Motivational Speaker

I had ideas scrambled in my head and with no idea how to start. Alicia's method for mapping out my goals to achieve them is foolproof of my success.

Katheen Altamura
Owner of The Stiir

After facing negative life experiences, Alicia got me back on track with my goals/responsibilities. Alicia show me how to believe in myself.

Co-Founder of Sparkle

I️‘ve been able to re-calibrate my goals, and solidify the path I’m on. Alicia is an amazing business woman, and mentor.

Hannah Trelegan
CEO Of Teen Model

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