I’m Alicia Waldner

Founder of Exist Studios

Alicia Waldner is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with a rich background in diverse industries. Having founded a successful marketing agency and a fata company, Alicia is now channeling her expertise into going all in building Exist, a groundbreaking mental health app. Splitting her time between the innovative hub of Palo Alto and the vibrant city of Miami, Alicia continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the tech and mental health spaces.

Exist is on a mission to combat the pandemic of loneliness in our hyper-connected social media age, where authenticity is often lost in a sea of fake stories. We create a community where people can be real, share their stories, and connect genuinely.
Our app breaks the stigma of seeking help by positioning itself as your cool-ass best friend, not a therapist. With lingo and vibes of an emotional safety friend, we guide you through fun and unique experiences to work on your mental health. Currently audio-based and soon to be visual on Vision Pro, Exist is here to make mental health care engaging and authentic.