4 Tips To Turn Off While On Vacation

If you are like me your mind is constantly going. The worst is when we are trying to lay back and relax, but our thoughts are exploding in our head as if our mind were moving 100 miles a minute. What’s worse is we become so accustomed to the grind that going away on vacation can seem daunting.

Personally, this mindset is a blessing in disguise. Initially, it proves that we are true go-getters BUT, without a correct balance, it can turn ugly. I am no stranger to admitting when I have something to work on. So I will be the first to say that creating a peaceful balance is by far one of the hardest tasks I struggled with. This constant past struggle is my thought process behind creating the hustle and care challenge. I know that I did not stand alone in this battle and I want to help others grind and be happy through the process.

At first, I was freaked out.

Yes, at first going away on vacation for more than two days TRULY freak me out. When I initially booked that trip, I couldn’t help but be more concerned with, “where and when will I do work? How will my team stay motivated while I am gone? Where is the nearest gym? “

And are you curious what the LAST thing I was thinking of?

“What is it that I want to do in San Fran? What cool restaurants/ wineries do I want to visit? And, what on earth will I wear?”

Looking back on it I realized that there was a slight problem, instead of being excited I was more concerned with how the hell I was going to get my day to day duties going. Well isn’t that what vacation is about, leaving your day to day behind?


So what did I do?

Over the past couple of months, I reworked my schedule to allow myself to have a better balance. Since I have seen more friends and enjoyed life more than ever. So, when leaving for vacation I decided It was time for me to do the same. Below are a few tips I would give to the true go-getter needing a REAL getaway.


Plan ahead

That’s right plan ahead! As you may have seen in my post, I was getting up very early and working through lunch to get ahead of any projects I needed to get done. Although the week before I left I was working harder, it made me that much more ready and able to turn off during my trip. To plan ahead I recommend looking at your project schedule, put in more work more than usual as well as notifying any clients that you will be unavailable ahead of time. This will help your mind feel at ease that you are ahead of the game as well as not worry about being bothered.


Search for Fun

GET Excited. This is one thing I wish I did MORE before my trip. A day before I flew out I had a big meeting with one of my clients who started jazzing up San Francisco and Sonoma Valley. It was not until then, that I felt excited. As he spoke about the valleys and delicious wine and places I had to go to, I realized I wasn’t even prepared. I had 0 outfits planned and had nothing on my vacation list. However, having nothing planned can be nice too, but since this is a place I never been planning out some cool spots would have helped. So, if you’re leaving to go somewhere new and fun? Find the time, to search the area and get your mind excited. Doing so may also help you work harder because then you will deserve your time turning off!


Pack the Grind

If you are like me when I completely remove myself from something I am used to doing I can freak out. So, packing the grind is important to me. This keeps me at ease in case something were to happen and I needed to jump on my computer immediately. Although we hope this doesn’t happen it feels good for the mind to know that if an incident were to occur that you had the ability to take action. So whatever the grind is to you, do not feel that you have to leave it all behind. Bring what you need to still feel as if you have control and if you need to take an action you can!



NOW here is the hard part. TURN OFF. Do not let yourself be so uptight during your trip that you are not actually enjoying the moment. Over the past year, I am extremely guilty of going on vacation and not enjoying being there. For example, when I went to Mexico and Aruba I struggled to drink because I was so worried about messing with my current diet. In addition, when I went to the Bahamas I told my current employer I would still write blogs while I was gone. HOW DUMB? I ended up wasting valuable time while I was on vacation just to make an extra buck. I want you to do better than I did then. Accept the fact that this is your GETAWAY and your day to day routine can be left behind. In the end, that’s what vacation is truly about, right? And if you aren’t actually doing it all the way, are you actually on vacation?


For the first time in over a year, I finally turned off when I was on vacation. I drank lots of amazing wine and had incredible food. I lived a tad spontaneous and just enjoyed the company I was with. And the best part I did not feel guilty. I had been well prepared by getting ahead, I recovered by making myself excited the night prior, I packed the grind in case of an emergency as well as I completely turned off. My trip was well worth it. I woke up Monday morning very refreshed to get back to the grind. In addition, I also came up with some amazing ideas and solutions to certain situations that never would have happened if I didn’t take a step back.


Let’s Talk

I encourage you to do this the next time you plan your getaway as well as in your daily life. If you feel that you struggle to turn off with your day to day and need a better balance, let’s talk. I would love to work with you to establish the best plan of action to attain your goals to allow you the time to turn off. Contact me today, as I help people create their plan of action in attacking their goals to help them succeed.