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I used to live a life that was monotonous and stagnant. I took orders as an intern because that’s what I was told I was worth and was “supposed” to do. Now, as a 23-year-old entrepreneur who co-founded (and currently runs) a successful marketing agency and has spoken at dozens of events, I can say that I live a life that has superseded expectations I didn’t even know I had. And the best part is that I’m only just beginning.

My name is Alicia Waldner, and my driving force is to show you, and everyone who visits this site, what YOU are worth.

Look. We live in a society that’s brainwashed us to take the “safe” route when it comes to career choice. You know what I mean: do well in high school; go to college; get a 9-5 job that pays the bills; work until we are 65; retire and THEN enjoy life. Is that truly all that we want for ourselves? Is that genuinely what we think we deserve from life? I’m here to tell you – absolutely effing not.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone is destined to be an entrepreneur. Not everyone is designed to be a CEO or a business owner. But you came to my website for a reason. I believe that you’re here because you are yearning for more than a risk-free, 9-5 job that keeps your life comfortable. I believe that you are ready to realize your potential and put it to work. You’re here to etch your own path to happiness instead of contentment. It’s time for you to recognize that there is so much more destined for people like us than school and work.

So, I’d like to congratulate you for taking your first step towards self-betterment and self-realization! I’m here to help you bridge the gap between what you fear and what you can accomplish. I defied the societal norm. You can, too.

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