Hello there. Glad you made it here.

As you may have already seen. I am not your average business gal. And there’s many reasons for it. However, there is a mutual understanding behind all of them that have a compounding function.

I play by my own rules.

Fuck me, if I have to wake up at a certain time everyday to be somewhere. And fuck me if someone is going to tell me how to show up in the process. And especially fuck me, if I have to try to prove anything I do to someone.

But most interesting of all is sometimes I don’t even play.

I watch. I enjoy.

There’s a new level to the game when you set it up where you just have the ability to smile, observe and create.

But before that milestone its vital to set your game up created by your own rules.

And since I landed in Tampa that’s what I have done.

I started playing candy land, maneuvered into playing cards, to setting up monopoly where my face is smackdown on the center of the board.

Now, I understand for most this is intense. And if that’s the case, candy land might be a great option for you.

However, I have inkling that if you’re still reading this you are at least wanting to live life on your own terms.

And if my intuition is right, you might often wonder how I did it.

And I appreciate the respect.

But, what I value more is working with people that show up to the plate with no helmet and empty handed. But, still have a psychotic belief that one day they will hit a home run.

Success doesn’t come by moving by the standards everyone does.

And it sure doesn’t come by showing up in fear.

So ask yourself what jersey do you want to rock? The one everyone else wheres or the one with your last name on the back?

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ADventure Marketing is a global full-service digital marketing agency based in Tampa, Florida and Los Angeles, California. We are dedicated to creating a hands-off solution to create the highest quality content and branding for our clients through various channels. From web development to brand management, to campaign management, SEO, and everything in between; we work hard to bring growth and success to all of our partners.

AWAL Enterprises

AWAL Enterprises is the holding company of all of Alicia’s ventures. . Currently, AWAL enterprises host ADventure, AWAL consulting, and Silent Vibes.

Silent Vibes is a group practice to release, express yourself, and live life in the present moment through dance therapy! Our events are tailored for our attendees to immerse themselves in an environment of positive energy to feel good in their own skin. Our practice is for anyone looking to open up, let go and have a good time either solo or with their best pals.