Join My Live Q&A

I am so excited to be opening the doors to host my first live Q&A Ever! This session will take place on August 7th at 8 pm Eastern Time. My Q&A will be one hour long and will be open to all ambitious people.

YOU will have the chance to ask me your question as well as be selected to win a FREE one-hour coaching session with ME!

The last 20 minutes of the Q&A will be open for anyone to ask any other last minute questions. I will be sure to answer all questions during this time! Also, you will be connected with more go-getters just like ME!

What Are Some Topics To Expect?

How to go from College to The Real World?

How to Start Your Business?

What Has Been My Biggest Challenges?

How to Get Motivated To Tackle Your Goals?

What do you need to do? And how will it work?

  • Pay $25.00 here and have access to my first and all future Q&A’s. Also, you will have the chance to continually win a free hour coaching session.
  • You will be added into my private Facebook Group In which I will be actively uploading inspiration and tips.
  • Once you have been added please write your question(s) on the FB page so we do not have duplicate questions (I want to answer as many different questions as possible)
  • You will get up to two questions!
  •  Download Skype and Add me! (information will be in our Facebook group)
  • Meet Some Amazing Ambitious People and Stay connected for a lifetime!

How To Join?

I Am Very Excited To Meet You!

Can't Make the 7th? Stay Tuned to My Next Q&A

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