The Coffee, Gals and Accountability Mastermind of Tampa

Are You Interested In Joining the Tampa’s Coffee, Gals, and Accountability Mastermind?

Yassss! A mastermind for the twenty something’s of Tampa Bay is STARTING! This group is meant for the true gal go-getters in Tampa. The mastermind is focused to connect women that are considering entrepreneurship or have a business! Our goal is to make a diverse group of ambitious women to help, motivate and guide one another.

Does this sound like you? AWESOME.  The CGA’s will be meeting on the second Sunday of every month at 930am. Locations will within the South Tampa Region with the goal of hitting every coffee shop possible. 

How Do You Apply?

Fill out my form fill below to apply. We are only accepting 6 people for our first two meetings. BUT do not let that discourage you. Our group is meant to be diverse and if you don’t try you will never know! *No Charge*


The Mastermind Will Be Ran By ADventure Marketing Owner Alicia Waldner and Founder of Gals with Goals Morgan Barse

Apply Today!

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