Laughing as you fell back,
Because you knew I wouldn’t let you fall
The teacher said only those that lack trust,
Would neglect to stand tall.

When you needed them the most,
But in middle school this was just a game
Because back then a friend turning into a ghost,
Was just a Halloween claim.

But as we grew older,
We saw how sick the world could be
We felt some colder shoulders,
Of people that would shoot and leave.

But the chaos’s brought us closer,
A connection no one could understand
Since middle school we dealt with posers,
Who acted like they had our hand.

And since then we remained strong,
Helping one another through the pain
The night you tried taking your life,
You told me I was the reason you remained.

So thankful I could save you,
Through the bond we had
You knew how much I loved you through,
All the good and the bad.

But little did I know,
You end up being my biggest plot twist
Did you know you were something I was proud to show,
When I would tell others trust can exist?

But this time there’s no teacher,
Telling us that this is just a game
You’ve turned into a creature,
That humanity wouldn’t claim.

And so now our bond is broke,
The one we built for all these years
Oh tell me my ex-friend,
How could you become my biggest fear?

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