The distance was filled with mountains that were a replica of Aspen. The road was clear as my car was riding smoothly passing by a field of green.  If I were boating I might have said “I was smooth sailing.”

But before my mind could understand, the view became blurred as my foot on the pedal became too heavy.

The side window became a trippy combination of a green scheme as the mountains inched closer at the speed of light.

My foot on the pedal became so out of control, I couldn’t lift my own.

It’s a scary world you create for yourself when you no longer have control of your being.

Learning to forgive yourself is a huge component of healing.

In my personal life, I had become something I wasn’t.

I created a domino effect that I couldn’t even recognize until I ran so fast over the speed limit that my engine just died.

I had a hard time facing my own truths.

As well as trying to protect those around me by covering truths with my next story.

I ended up hurting not just the people around me, but myself in the process.

I had to take some time away and sit still with myself.

I had to forgive everything I had become and understand who I am at my core.

I had to reawaken my heart and feel what I have been neglecting.

I had to slow everything down and just be.

Most of my truths made me want to hate myself. This is why I was avoiding, running, and repeating instead of changing.

This emotional experience was by far one of the most intense times I ever had to sit still with.

I had to lose a lot, hurt a lot, see others I love hurt. Then I had to forgive.

I had to remind myself of who I am and what I know I am at my highest self.

Then, I had to become it.

I no longer hate myself, and I no longer am the person I was. I am now everything I want to be.

I am everything right with my world. And I love my new aura.

If you are going through a phase where you have to look at some hard truths like I did, I want to be the person to tell you that you are not alone.

These past experiences do not define you.

You have full control to take your foot off the gas pedal and avoid crashing into the mountains.

I encourage you to pull over and turn off your engine and be still.

I also encourage you to stop running and make the changes to be better.

I hope you have a new focus on becoming a good genuine person, instead of just a great successful one.

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